Honouring the ancestors: my giant faux pas

Honouring the ancestors

ancestor sweetsOur very delightful & spritely 74 year old neighbour popped by for tea yesterday.

Green tea is served with sweets as it’s bitter. Rummaging around the cupboards, I remembered I’d bought these giant, fluorescent sweets for props, but had never used them… what luck!

So, we served the tea and the giant sweets, thinking we’d nailed it, only for Akiko san to explain that these sweets are actually offerings for your deceased Ancestors…

Explains the hard as a brick, indestructible consistency.

As we all roared with laughter, Akiko politely nibbled away, insisting she take some home for her hubby (very much alive & kicking ).

I’m still laughing at our faux pas, but grateful that Akiko had the courage to tell me.

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