The Little Indigo Museum

The Little Indigo Museum Miyama

A pleasant drive north of Kyoto, along a winding Mountain road, through pristine pines and fresh mountain streams, you arrive at the historic town of Miyama, home to ‘The Little Indigo Museum’ established by Hiroyuki Shindo in 2005.

A collection of indigo textiles from around the world, as well as Shindo san’s exquisite Shibori works, its authenticity makes the trip well worth it.

Shindo san himself is on hand to show you through his traditional Japanese indigo dye workshop and chat about your interest in textiles.

The museum is Kitamura’s largest and oldest dwelling. Built more than 200 years ago during Edo period by a carpenter from the Wakasa district.

Wandering around the village of traditional thatched roof cottages, you’ll be charmed for sure.

The local ‘rice’ bread shop bakes daily… delicious!¬†Enjoy a coffee & gelato at cafe Milan, heading back to Kyoto feeling inspired by the natural beauty and craft of Miyama.